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    Web Maps

Web maps are the new canvas for the modern cartographer. At Urban3D, we are well equipped to develop the best mapping applications possible. We love using open source mapping libraries, such as Leaflet and Mapbox, to create custom web mapping applications that paint your data in a new light.

    Data Journalism

Maps and infographics can tell powerful stories. However, in the age of information overload, presenting accurate and understandable narratives can be a challenge. Urban 3D has experience making sense of complex data by creating eye-catching visuals that engage readers and allow them to quickly understand difficult issues.


Wayfinding refers to how people orient themselves in a physical space, whether it be finding a gate at the airport or locating a coffee shop nearby. Wayfinding maps enhance the pedestrian environment by encouraging walkability and promoting local businesses and attractions. Urban 3D has helped cities improve their navigability and branding through the use of custom wayfinding maps.

    Data Collection

Geospatial data collection no longer needs to be complex or require costly equipment. We can recommend excellent tools and supply the consulting expertise necessary for your data collection project. Our approach consists of an easy-to-use mobile data collection application that requires minimal setup. Your project will be up and running in no time at a fraction of the cost.

    3D Modeling

3D building modeling is our founding service. We specialize in creating realistic, textured buildings that can be viewed in Google Earth. We can also provide related services, including artistic renders, interactive Google Earth tours and fly-throughs. Our 3D building models can offer a new dimension to your spatial needs.


Our skillset is not confined to this services page! If you have a custom project and would like our help, we would love to hear from you.


TheBurg - Who Works in Harrisburg?

PA Functional Class

Impact Calculator

TheBurg - Pedestrian Crashes

STC Infographic

Bayfront Parkway Survey

TheBurg - Non-Taxable (page 12)

TheBurg - Density Surface


HYP Home Tour 2014

HYP Home Tour 2013

Day vs. Night Population

Reading Wayfinding

Midtown Wayfinding

Artistic Prints

Hampden Infographic

Housing Infographic

Youth Infographic

A Journey to Potters Mills

Age Infographic

SNAP - Food Assistance

Harrisburg University

Newport Mansions

Saint Mary's Orthodox Church

Lancaster Bible College

Saint Joseph's University

Harrisburg Capitol Complex

Parkway East Survey

Admissions Analysis

NPS Proportional Pie Chart

Wedding Stationary

Wedding Stationary

The Future


Thanks for stopping by! My name is Steve and I'm a cartographer. Urban 3D is my freelance work that began in 2011, where I focused on creating 3D building models for display in Google Earth. With changing times and technology, my freelance work has expanded beyond 3D modeling. It's simple: I love maps, data, and design. I believe that cartographic design matters and truly great maps should invite curious eyes to explore. Customer and personal satisfaction are paramount. I want you to enjoy the final product as much as I enjoy making it. I am passionate about open data and data driven decisions. Maps should be vessels that lead to positive change.

Currently, I reside in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and by day I make maps for a planning and engineering company. In my down time, I like to mountain bike, play various intramural sports, cook great food, and explore new places. Please feel free to reach out to me about any of your projects and I will do my best to help you achieve your mapping and visualization goals.